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OSK leads Asia premiere of new smart fortwo at Shanghai Fashion Center

Shanghai, April 19 – On the eve of the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, the all new smart fortwo visited the Shanghai Fashion Center. With the car’s positioning as an urban fashion icon and a green lifestyle pioneer, the anticipated Asia premiere promised unlimited fun to all fans of smart in China.

In an approach as unique as was the hero car of the evening, OSK created the entire venue to be an urban city and experience space, allowing guests to be inspired, and to actively take part in shaping their urban life in an interactive way. The event idea and concept was further designed to encourage guests to be “hands on”, with many interactive touch tables and small activities.

Upon their arrival, guests could freely explore the space, having free access to even the stage area. Within the venue, the “smart boulevard” connected the individual event parts, and helped lead guests throughout the venue featuring eye-catching designs and attractions along the way:  from street performers mixed with musicians, to Segway riders, street food carts resembling a night market, bird cages and everything in between. In this vibrant armosphere, each guest was enabled to find a unique way to express their own personality – and thus personally experience one of the most characteristic attributes of smart..

Nearly 500 selected automotive and lifestyle media, KOL and VIP then witnessed the reveal show, during which a dynamic driving choreography  finally introduced the All New smart fortwo on stage in an impressive Asia premiere.