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Big Success at Auto Shanghai

OSK supports Mercedes-Benz during triple-event in China

Auto Shanghai was a threefold appearance for Mercedes-Benz: On April 18th, the Concept A Sedan was previewed in the Shanghai Film Museum. Later that day, invited guests were able to experience the world premiere of the S-Class Facelift in the Shanghai Expo Center. The following morning, the actual press conference took place in front of roughly 1,000 participants in the Shanghai National Exhibition Center.

Concept A Sedan

To kick off the Mercedes-Benz Auto Shanghai experience, approximately 150 spectators took a first look at the Concept A Sedan. Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG presented Mercedes-Benz’ vision of the future of its compact car segment. Gorden Wagener, Daimler AG’s Chief Design Officer followed by explaining the Concept A Sedan’s design language. The vehicle offered a first perspective on the new series model. Just as it did 2 years earlier, The Shanghai Film Museum served, as a cool, urban media preview location.

The S-Class as a world of experience

The world premiere of the S-Class Facelift that same evening featured three topics: the car’s extended assistance systems, its new motor generation, and ENERGIZING Comfort, the car holistic comfort program.

A fragrance bar equipped with 14 individual fragrances, a touchscreen where guests familiarized themselves with the car’s six comfort programs, and “healthy shots” of  juices, created to match the individual programs, in the “Welcome Area”, gave visitors a first impression of the new S-Class’ ENERGIZING Comfort program.

In line with the new S-Class Facelift’s overall philosophy, the menu selection, emphasized well-being and comfort – consisting of different superfoods. Last but not least, the space’s interior design conveyed a sense of pure well-being, with numerous plants and sofas and an exciting mixture of urban and traditional Chinese elements.

The main show of the world premiere of the S-Class was characterized by the topics light and inspiration. To open up, two light painters performed on stage, creating soft and poetic forms by personifying the meaning of light. This was followed by speeches given by Hubertus Troska member of the board Daimler AG responsible for China, Ola Källenius, responsible for research and development, and CEO Dieter Zetsche. Zetsche talked about how the S-Class is experienced from the perspective of the rear seats passenger – as most of the clients of this luxury limousine will rather be driven than drive themselves.

For the reveal, a spectacular light show consisting of kinetic balls illuminated by lasers, and an orchestra comprised of Chinese string instruments and featuring DJ Peggy Gould, showed guests an audio-visual experience not seen before.

Press conference with China-focus

During the press conference the following day, the orchestra and DJ Peggy Gould performed again. Speakers, Nicholas Speeks, Hubertus Troska, Xu Heyi and Dieter Zetsche underlined the importance of the Chinese market to both the automotive industry and Mercedes-Benz. In addition to that, they presented the S-Class Facelift and the Concept A Sedan to a broader audience.

Mercedes-benz at Auto Shanghai – a big success.