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A Partnership for the Greater Good

Gala evening for Mercedes-Benz China announcement of deepened cooperation with Laureus Foundation

Shanghai, April 14th, 2015 – OSK staged the announcement of an unprecedented cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and the Laureus World Sports Foundation at a spectacular pre-show event prior to the actual Laureus World Sports Awards – and Shanghai was the perfect backdrop to underline this unfettered commitment to “Sports for Good”.

In an expressive welcome ceremony, the Mixing Room of the Mercedes-Benz Arena, set amidst the eye-catching former Expo 2010 area of the city, helped deliver the message by hosting nearly 480 media, key stake holders, VIP, executives and internal guests.

Creating a stylish, yet content-driven atmosphere in order to maximize the impact of the important messages, the welcome zone of the Mixing Room served as a warm  reception area while showcasing emotionally-touching, rich content pertaining to not only the Mercedes-Benz-Laureus CSR project information, but also showcasing an entire history of its the strong commitment to corporate contribution for the greater good in China.

As part of the official announcement ceremony, one of the eye-catching highlights on stage was the video premiere of the Mercedes-Benz GLA Laureus edition and the drive-on that followed – as one of 16 limited edition units in the world, which for the first time were only sold via the Chinese mobile platform Wechat.

As the gala came to a close, guests stayed for long to enjoy the atmosphere, and to use the opportunity to touch base with fellow Laureus colleagues – completing the high level VIP gala event in a successfully executed mix of content, show and ambience.