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Mercedes-Benz Media Tecday @ CES Asia

Future is fun

Shanghai, June 10, 2018 – OSK helped Mercedes-Benz with the Media Tecday @ CES Asia and created a very unique “future theme park,” which was beyond everyone’s imagination.

More than 200 participants from the national media attended this event in the Shanghai Himalaya Museum. The event offered a comprehensive program that included a press conference, three workshops, expert talks, an exhibition, and activities.

The press conference started with a futuristic and enjoyable opening video, featuring impressive speeches by the speakers; it presented Mercedes-Benz’s vision for creating a better future while pointing out that the future is fun.

Entering this “future theme park” workshop area, OSK created a “monopoly” playground layout on the floor, made a dice stamped with “CASE,” ultimately creating an enjoyable and incredible atmosphere for the venue, it vividly communicated the key message of the event to the media that: the best way to predict the future is to create the future.

OSK was filled with ingenuity in setting up the venue. When media guests arrived in the trendy metropolitan area, street stores, open-air cafes, A-Class signages were visibly seen everywhere. Meanwhile, the block’s protagonist of this area: the New A-Class Sedan L became a landmark in the neighborhood.

Throw the dice again, when guests were entering the future community, futuristic videos, and graphic walls, together with the smart Vision EQ Fortwo concept and Concept EQ, it met the well-needed imagination and vision for future mobility.

Or move to the future digital cinema, which is a digital projection area of Mercedes-Benz DIGITAL LIGHT. The headlights are used as the light source to play the film, presenting the Mercedes-Benz black-and-white documentary for the guests.

The elaborate design from the big idea to small details provided unlimited inspiration, enjoyable experiences, and imagination to the guests.

From concept to content, graphics and video design, architecture, and live communication, OSK made the efforts to make the event fun and impressive.