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Keep Fit and Drive Beyond – Mercedes-Benz Tec Day @ CES Asia

OSK supports Mercedes-Benz by creating a “pop-up fitness club”

Shanghai, June 5th – 6th – OSK supported Mercedes-Benz in delivering an unconventional workshop for two of their highlight models – the Mercedes-Benz “Fit & Healthy” and the AMG GT Concept. Different from previous Mercedes-Benz CES tec days, OSK created a “pop-up fitness center” in Shanghai to deliver Mercedes-Benz health and fitness-themed communication messages.

Approximately 250 national media, executives, dealers and invited guests attended a two-day workshop, which offered guest a rich combination of a press conference and two workshop sessions.

To reinforce the key communication message and event claim – Keep Fit and Drive Beyond, OSK produced graphic walls, videos, charts, and set up two distinctly unique domes to host workshops of different topics.

Content was made more interesting, cool, energizing and sensational by presenting it in an unusual way. During the press conference one of the highlight moments was a live tea ceremony during Duan Jianjun’s speech (Executive Vice President responsible for Sales and Marketing, BMBS). And to make the transition between the two speakers more seamless, the latter Mercedes-Benz speaker entered the stage in a bike and hosted a meditation session for all the guests. After which a yoga instructor guided every guests to a few stretching exercises.

By leveraging dedicated experts and professional presenters to share the inspirations behind their work, guests were emerged into the topics through detailed briefings, exhibits, show cars, interactive screens.  

In the “Fit and Healthy” dome for example, guests were invited to sit in the Mercedes-Benz “Fit & Healthy” car to experience its features in real-time. In addition, the tea ceremony and bamboo fragrance displays, which were also unique car features, offered them a chance to refresh themselves.
Through the interactive “Wall of wishes” exhibit, demonstrators explained the holistic system behind Mercedes-Benz’s “Fit & Healthy” concept. KongGu meditation also offered guests a relaxing moment to find their inner peace.

In the AMG GT Concept dome, the car was displayed in front of an LED screen. Slow-motion animations were looped behind the car to simulate it being in constant motion. Energetic activities including “cycling for coffee” and an F1 driving simulator.

While premium hospitality arrangements are a part of every Mercedes-Benz event, in-line with the overall concept, the Mercedes-Benz Tec Day @ CES Asia this year provided all service, food and beverages in a fit and healthy theme.

With the third CES Tec Day, OSK realized a communication and event concept which was truly in line with the overall key message – Keep Fit and Drive Beyond, and has underlined it with a cool, energizing and sensational experience to the to meet the unique needs of Chinese audiences.