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OSK China presents new CLA as lifestyle icon

Cologne, Beijing, April 2014 – OSK supported the launch of the new CLA in China by creating an excep­tional, atten­tion-grab­bing presen­ta­tion of the new compact car by Mercedes-Benz: For the first time, Mercedes-Benz China welcomed not only media repre­sen­ta­tives, Key Opinion Leaders and selected retailers but also the highly inter­ested public. The striking presen­ta­tion in the heart of the bustling mega city Beijing once again proved OSK China’s special sense for bold and sensa­tional event concepts.

The first compact sports sedan by Mercedes-Benz does not only featured a progres­sive design; as the auto­mo­tive trend­setter on the Chinese market, it also perfectly suits the lifestyle and self-image of the young and sophis­ti­cated target group. The bench­mark in terms of media coverage – with an emphasis on online media – was set accord­ingly high.

The new CLA was the center­piece of the multi­media exhi­bi­tion and expe­ri­ence “CLA Galleria”, which was open for the entire weekend for people to enjoy. Staged as a lifestyle happening, the vehicle launch lived up to all expec­ta­tions by auto­mo­tive and lifestyle jour­nal­ists, blog­gers, KOLs, selected retailers and the public. Unlike conven­tional vehicle work­shops, the approach for the Chinese market was on the emotional impact and the excep­tional design of the compact sports sedan.

Like a modern and exclu­sive art exhi­bi­tion, the “CLA Galle­ri­a” was divided into four areas where product high­lights were commu­ni­cated through guests’ indi­vidual expe­ri­ences with the car while each area showed a different inter­pre­ta­tion of the CLA claim “Un­tamed”. In addi­tion to profes­sional photo shoots in the style of a magazine cover, visi­tors were treated to a selec­tion of designer pieces by hip labels, multi­func­tional touch-screen tables and an augmented reality app that could be down­loaded on site. The guests could create their own CLA beat on an inter­ac­tive music station in the Hi-Fi Studio and down­load the result directly onto their smart­phones, along with an indi­vidual cover which they created via webcam.

A stable wire­less connec­tion ensured that the results, as well as the count­less photos and videos gener­ated onsite were seen by the social commu­nity in real-time. True to the motto: Once in – always on.

The spec­tac­ular results of the event: 550,000 words of compre­hen­sive coverage in major Chinese online media and numerous print arti­cles, including an entire page in China’s most impor­tant daily news­paper, China Daily.