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Shapes of Freedom

Mercedes-Benz TecDay Design in Beijing’s Sanlitun

Beijing, September 23-25, 2015 – In a unique move to high­light the extraor­di­nary design aesthetic of Mercedes-Benz’s illus­trious models throughout the years till today, and in partic­ular the current design language of “sen­sual puri­ty”, OSK helped to create the perfect canvass in which to “draw the line”. The event claim “Shapes of Free­dom”, refer­enced the clear, some­times evoca­tive, and yet always eye-pleasing Mercedes-Benz design, that delivers the freedom to its customers of expressing one’s own tastes, person­al­i­ties and mobility needs.

A compre­hen­sive program across three days included an evening presen­ta­tion show, a VIP party, media work­shops across a multi­tude of design topics, and of course a chance for media to get up close and personal with the newest design gems from the brand – a test drive around the Chinese capital on a warm sunny day.

The event stood out with a new, edgy depar­ture on the overall archi­tec­ture design format – the use of new and inter­esting shapes, heights and perspec­tives were employed as inspi­ra­tion in the set-up, resulting in a brand new aesthetic for the event space.

The event also fully-lever­aged its central Beijing loca­tion by inviting the public into the space to explore and learn more about Mercedes-Benz design. This helped further maxi­mize the interest and expo­sure gener­ated.

Overall, the “Shapes of Free­dom” Mercedes-Benz Design Tec Day helped to lead a new conver­sa­tion on design in China, and in partic­ular design within mobility – this is espe­cially rele­vant with Beijing recently being desig­nated as one of the design capi­tals of the world, as well as the annual Beijing Design Week occur­ring just days adja­cent to the Tec Day event.