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The World’s Best Car Comes to China

New Mercedes-Benz flagship debuts in largest market (News section)

Mercedes-Benz//S-Class TecDays//2013 (Best of section)

Shanghai, September 26, 2013 – As part of an unprecedented 12 projects by OSK China in 2013, the “TecDays Season Finale” benchmark event delivered the Mercedes-Benz flagship car to China for its PR debut over a four-day media TecDays at the breathtaking Himalayas Museum.

More than 200 media, KOL, VIP, dealer and customer guests attended the spectacular event, which was conceptualized by OSK to present the new S-Class as the quintessential “wellness-on-wheels”, highlighted by its advanced spa-like features. Guests enjoyed the comfortable spa-like surroundings modeled after the premium features of the S-Class, and explored the specially-designed set-up that was aimed at bringing to life the actual S-Class experience:  by stimulating the senses of sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch, they could physically connect with the premium “wellness-on-wheels” effect that only the S-Class could deliver.

To help underline various key topics of the new S-Class, the event also combined expert presentations and even displayed exhibits spread across various themed areas, and state-of-the-art set-ups that included a 3D mapping show. The TecDays also featured an exciting dinner and lifestyle gathering, where guests enjoyed a mix of vocal, dance and orchestral performances that dotted the dynamic program.

With a team effort between OSK China and our colleagues in Cologne, OSK was responsible for concept creation, content development, graphic and motion design, architecture, speech development, text visualization, and full-process project management as the overall lead agency.