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Make new contacts, inspire dialog, build communities

Creating opportunities to talk, developing platforms that facilitate dialog, bringing people together and establishing strong relationships – for us, these endeavors lie at the heart of our work in modern communication.

Digital communication has revolutionized the way in which we perceive, process and share information on the internet. Consumers have become prosumers, and companies have become media corporations.

On behalf of its clients, OSK analyzes existing platforms and their protagonists, develops new offerings, formats and channels, identifies the next generation of influencers, moderates interaction, and promotes the building of strong relationships between businesses and their stakeholders. We know which formats and topics are favored by bloggers, influencers, communities and the conventional media. And we understand how to nurture existing relationships and initiate new ones, in order to translate contacts into communication.

In this context we make use of the latest technologies. The Influencer Relevance Tool, for example, produced by our tech unit in Berlin, OSK ǀ Compuccino, helps to identify the most appropriate partners in the world wide web, and our OSK Harvester anticipates the topics that will be hitting the headlines in the future by analyzing data with the aid of artificial intelligence.