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2019 Mercedes-Benz New Year Media Reception

Writing a new chapter in 2019

Beijing, January 29, 2019 – With full support from OSK (Beijing), Mercedes-Benz New Year Media Reception was held at the Mercedes-Me Store in Sanlitun to review 2018 and provide a preview of 2019.

The warm delighted atmosphere of Chinese New Year was reflected in every aspect of the venue, from event set up to construction and decorations. Inheritors of bamboo weaving and embroideries were also invited to the event to show the guests how sophisticated the traditional Chinese handicrafts genuinely are.

Kicking off with a unique countdown video, the enthusiasm of the guests was sparked by the sound of firecrackers in the video, followed by a welcome video featuring an emotional melody of thankful words, which served to review the year of 2018 and express confidence and expectations for 2019 together with all the guests.

Summarizing the achievements of 2018, four executives expressed their appreciation towards the customers for the long-standing support and provided a vision for the future. Content such as KV colors, graphic walls, and speeches was created to enhance the festival atmosphere further. After keynote speeches, all executives came onto the stage to send the Spring Festival couples and extend their New Year’s greetings to the guests, drawing a full stop to the last project before the Spring Festival.