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2018 Mercedes-Benz New C-Class FL Media Test Drive

OSK helped Mercedes-Benz C-Class secure the definitive center – C the past through the eyes of the present

Yunnan & Guiyang, October 29 – November 13, 2018 – Escape from disturbance and noise of the city and seek for peace in the purity of green in the mountains and rivers of Yunnan and Guiyang. OSK (Beijing) poured much effort into this media test drive to help C-Class secure the central position.

OSK has taken the leading role in concept creation, content development, video creation, architecture, and graphic design. Moreover, the OSK team succeeded in linking and extending event ideas in searching for new ideas in every detail.  

The concept of the central position was built as a thread to link different inputs of the C-Class guide book such as test drive routes, history of C-Class, and product information. The compass with the letter “C” embedded into the cover of the guide book implies the central position. 

Regarding location, both Yunnan and Guizhou are home to Mercedes-Benz Star Fund World Heritage Sustainable Livelihood Project, which was unique to this program. By personally experiencing Sani embroidery and Chishui bamboo weaving, media guests were able to see the beauty of traditional handicrafts through a modern perspective. For a holistic experience, folk elements were integrated into details of construction and graphic design based on different locations. 

Upon arrival, the guests kicked off the test drive program with a welcome dinner. In terms of construction, product information was communicated mainly through clean and artsy graphics integrated with local folk tradition, which made a deep impression on the guests. Based on the concept of a map and compass, the opening video told the story of C-Class seeking and securing the definitive position. 

During the 3-day program, OSK was in charge of content creation and construction concept development of expert workshops on intelligence, comfort, and design to fully showcase the highlight features of C-Class.

The test drive program not only profoundly impressed the guests but also broke the stereotype of C-Class being a model for urban mobility by launching the program in a beautiful natural landscape. With professional consultancies and dedication, the team of OSK was able to help Mercedes-Benz register a creative C-Class media test drive.