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2019 Mercedes-Benz All New EQC Electric SUV Media Test Drive

Electric now has a Mercedes

Beijing, October 23-28, 2019 – In 2019, OSK (Beijing) helped Mercedes-Benz in launching all new EQC electric SUV media test drive. Set out from Sanlitun Mercedes me store, passed by Daxing International Airport, which was known as “the new seven miracles of the world”, eventually arrived at the Xiongan New Area of “the Millennium Strategy”, media guests were able to personally experience the distinctive charm of three-pointed star in terms of electric mobility and premium quality.

Apart from in-depth test drive experience, the event held experiential workshops at three most popular and fashionable locations, which represent innovative concept of future life, so as to bring to the media guests multi-dimensional experience of luxury electric mobility embodied by all new EQC electric SUV, also to showcase Mercedes-Benz future mobility strategy and vision.

In front of the gate of Sanlitun Mercedes me store, EQC electric SUV was displayed as an artsy installation in a glass garden. With the light effect, the car was turned into a mysterious industrial artwork, drawing attention from everyone who walked by. 

Within Sanlitun Mercedes me store, everything in sight was electrified. The “visible luxury” workshop showed the guests the beauty of progressive luxury and the intelligence of MBUX while the “visible luxury” workshop elaborated on topics such as active, passive safety, pure driving pleasure offered by Mercedes-Benz, comfort and tranquil driving experience.  

At Bejing Daxing International Airport, also known as “a new icon of traffic hub”, the guests listened to an in-depth workshop on all-round electric mobility, and deeply experienced five-star charging services and parking services at “MB charging station”, which was built exclusively for EV customers.   

At Xiongan New area, media guests were conceiving the future of sustainable development and exploring the millennium strategy of intelligent future mobility together with Mercedes-Benz.

Being the leading agency, OSK has committed to each and every aspect of the event including concept creation, content development, performance idea, video production, writing of speech talking points, architecture as well as graphic design.