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Perfect ending of 2018 – A dedicated journey for A-Classer

Sunny seaside test drive presented by OSK

Sanya, December 9 – December 15, 2018 – OSK (Beijing) helped Mercedes-Benz launch the All-new A-Class L sedan media tech day and test drive in Sanya, kicking off an incredible winter journey for young people.

OSK has yet again taken the leading role in concept creation, content development, performance and video creation, speech writing, architecture, graphic design, and project management.

More than 180 representatives from the national media were split into three groups to experience the 3-day program. The test drive program included a welcome dinner, expert workshops, guided test drives, a free test drive, a gala dinner, and various games.

The event started with an airport pick-up and was unexpected in many ways. By scanning the QR-codes located in different places in the car, one could easily unlock more product information about the A-Class L sedan.

For the first time, the welcome dinner took the form of a pool party. The Instagram walls at the entrance and the decorations by the pool created an immersive environment, making the guests feel like being invited to a joyful and fashionable party.

Illuminating cubes were used as content carriers to fit into the seaside concept, and by locating them in such comfortable environments, the workshops became even more enjoyable.

The MBUX workshop was well-received by the experts, and the guests even had an exciting IQ contest.

Performance and AR experience workshops allowed the guests to walk into an AR space and feel the moment of impulse.

Given the missions to be accomplished during the test drive, the routes encompass a steep mountain road, a coastal road, and an urban road, to name a few. To give the guests a diversified test drive experience, adding more fun and challenges to the program.

During the beach party-themed gala dinner, guests had a wide selection of food and drinks and actively took part in various games to win the prizes, which pushed the event to a climax.

Behind the perfect ending of 2018, was the devoted efforts of the OSK team that made this unexpected test drive program happen.