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Defining Leadership – The New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Media TecDay and Test Drive

OSK Helps Mercedes-Benz S-Class Showcase in Exclusive Tour

Beijing, October 23-26th – During the most beautiful autumn season in China’s capital, OSK assisted Mercedes-Benz in their mountain-overlooking Media TecDay and Test Drive of the newest S-Class. Differing from previous TecDay and Test Drive events, this year OSK created a premium “Energizing Coach” and an elegant “glampsite” at the Tranquil House Yanqi Hotel on the Yanqi River.

During the 4-day TecDay and Test Drive event, over 150 local media, KOLs, dealer partners, and selected guests participated in yet another impressive event designed by OSK. The event included an opening video and speeches, three themed workshops, themed lunches, on-road test drives, venue test drives, and a dinner, as well as other activities.

In order to enable the media to fully understand the “best car is getting better”, OSK created activities reminiscent of the “New Generation of Global Leaders”, conveying the event day’s content through unique and creative expressions.

Designed to showcase content in a more lively, interesting, and unique way, OSK chose to make the traditional welcome speech a bit more creative – instead opting to use a digital age, video presentation. By shooting the executive speaker in 1:1 proportions, the video background could change and match as the content of the speech changed. This way, the executive speaker could interact with the background. At the end of the video, the real executive speaker exited from behind the screen – as if walking out from the surreal world, and into the real world. While the video speech is the highlight of every event day’s morning, OSK also highlighted the day with a similar speech during short breakouts.

In the themed workshops, OSK yet again spared no effort. In the Intelligent Drive workshop, differing from the previously used exhibition wall, guests walked through a historic corridor which featured a huge S-shaped display, exemplifying the development of Intelligent Drive and Engine. The display was engraved with the 66 years of S-Class history, and was combined with an expert-guided tour and informative talk. This provided guests with the experience of the S-Class, and its development throughout the course of automotive industry. Using four transparent OLED screens, guests were able to experience the modern, high-tech, and exquisite models of S-Class, as well as their integrations of originality. Using a retro-style poster, guests were presented with a record of the S-Class in various years, telling the story of the car starting from the black and white of the past, and progressing to the modern and high-tec scene of today.

In the Design workshop, there were many noteworthy details to be communicated to the guests. Exhibition-like image designs, elegant golden photo frames, exquisite design magazines, a rich variety of exhibits, a veritable forest of green plants – OSK set out to build a workshop as beautiful as the most premium art museum. Through the exhibits, the expert interacted with the guests to show the ultimate and premium quality of the S-Class.

In the Comfort workshop – the whole dark container, OSK’s use of a huge projection that covered the entire wall and two show cars, as well as the use of ambient light, created an immersive atmosphere so as to give guests an unparalleled sensory experience. To provide the finishing touch, the expert’s wonderful talks gave the exhibition a perfect conclusion.

“Climb the mountain, reach the horizon, and experience the S-Class –”Defining Leadership” was the motto for the event. Following the exhibitions, OSK drew inspiration from European nobility to create a premium “glamping” site, including a Chinese twist – centering the site on a luxurious hotpot feast. On the mountain side, overlooking the Great Wall, and enjoying the steamy hot pot, the guests received an unforgettable experience.

As with all of OSK’s activities created for Mercedes-Benz, experience comes first. In attentive service, delicious food selection, etc. – the guest’s experience is always number one. As with all TecDay and Test Drives, OSK integrated premium service into every detail. With the guidance of private concierge consultants, each day’s guests took a ride into a comprehensive journey of the new generation of S-Class sedan and the new generation of global leaders.

OSK was once again successful in another media TecDay and Test Drive event, this time for the new generation of S-Class. Through the activities and the theme of “Defining Leadership”, the core messaging was accurately and efficiently communicated to the guests at the “Energizing Coach” on the Yanqi River.