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The Ambience of Ultimate Luxury – The Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Media TecDay and Test Drive

OSK Helps Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Showcase in Exclusive Tour

Beijing, May 29-30th – At the beginning of the summer season, “The Ambience of Ultimate Luxury” Media TecDay and Test Drive, was opened to selected media in Beijing. OSK assisted Mercedes-Benz in creating the ultimate luxury world, which included The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury, Mercedes Bespoke Furnishing/Maybach Collection & Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Two-tone. Based on the traditional culture in China and modern aesthetic, the venue was transformed into a “living room” to provide all guests a unique experience.

Seventy local media, KOLs from both automobile and furnishing industries, executives from Mercedes-Benz, and selected guests participated in yet another memorable event designed by OSK. The 2-day event included an opening video and speeches, two themed workshops, themed lunches, on-road test drives, a panel discussion, and dinner, as well as other activities.

When guests entered the venue, they could easily experience the atmosphere and ambiance of “Ultimate Luxury.” Mercedes Bespoke Furnishing/Maybach Collection as the centerpiece in the “living room,” the pure white built up the dramatic look and feel. OSK helped to Mercedes-Benz to bring the furnishing concept into real life. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury was in the area themed as “courtyard”. Honoring our guests with the highest respect is not only limited in the “living room,” but also the vehicle inside. The idea of “living room” was extended to a broader level with the assistance of OSK. Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Two-tone was displayed outside to be the last part of three levels of “Ultimate Luxury.”

Compared to previous events, OSK broke the tradition of having exhibition walls; instead, we applied picture frames, paintings, and flowers to set the tone of being in a “living room” to build the home feeling in detail. The media guests, especially the KOLs from the furnishing industry, shared their opinions regarding the cross-boundary design from Mercedes-Benz in the living room during the panel discussion.


OSK was once again successful in another media TecDay and Test Drive event. Combined with the futuristic vehicle concept with the furnishing design, through the unique scenario setting and content holders, OSK has successfully set the tone of “Ultimate Luxury” and communicated the key messages to the guests efficiently.