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Masterpiece of Intelligence

Beijing, 2016 – OSK delivered a tailor-made Tec Day and Test Drive event for the All New E-Class L, reflecting the intelligence of the car’s technical and emotional details. The event was designed to underline that, above all, the most intelligent technologies work for the benefit of drivers and passengers in a real, measurable way.

By leveraging technical demonstrators and small exhibits, the functionalities of specific car systems were demonstrated. Through detailed explanations, the technology was made understandable, adding credibility to the overall product.

By presenting ideas in an unusual way, OSK made content more interesting. In the

Intelligent Drive tent, an oversized on-projection 3D digital table was leveraged to present the 10 highlighted assistant systems. Media vividly experienced how the assistant systems help in real traffic situations, while at the same time enjoying an impressive multimedia show.

OSK suggested leveraging dedicated experts or professional presenters to host the workshops by working with exhibits, a real car, touchscreens, and sharing their own design inspiration. This resulted in a lively, tangible and credible product presentation. Media not only saw and read static information, but were invited to participate in the workshops, interacting with the experts.

The night test drive program was a special add-on. With thorough explanations from the coaches, as well as a night test ride in person, guests were able to truly experience two of the highlighted features of the car: the MULTIBEAM LED and the 64 color ambient light.

While premium hospitality arrangements are a part of every Mercedes-Benz event, details are often not noted by the guests. This time however, OSK came up with a unique idea – presenting all services in a unified E-branded format, and providing all services in person with uniformed staff. In this way, all hospitality ideas were made visible and tangible, enhancing the guest’s attention to these details.