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The Hero in You

Xiamen, December 14th to 18th, 2015 – In a city known for its mild climate even in winter, OSK helped deliver an event that generated extensive media coverage and public recognition. In this warm and beautiful city, the event positioned the car in accordance with the joint marketing and PR strategy and concept, “Built for the hero in you”.

The event offered an opportunity for invited media to explore the GLC SUV in different ways and, together with the car, explore the hero in themselves. The whole program was created by OSK in a fun and message-driven way.

Reinforced by its creative and interactive format, the overall goal of the program was for guests to complete one mission. In order to complete this mission, guests had to acquire hints by completing tasks during the workshop, participating in test drives and activities. To complete the mission, guests needed to put together all the hints at that evening’s gala dinner, where they would receive an event-based prize. The message and positioning of the GLC SUV, “Built for the hero in you”, was prevalent throughout the entirety of the program.

As the last event of the year, in a three-day program, guests obtained information in a virtual, interactive and even physical way. Through detailed product briefings, a competition program, and an extensive series of test drive programs, the guests fully experienced the GLC SUV. OSK successfully led the event with its impressive setup, new ideas, rich content, fun programs and warm hospitality, achieving the communication goal with new creative ideas that broke convention from concept to creation.