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Strong debut of Mercedes-Benz at first-ever CES Asia in Shanghai

OSK helps strengthen three-pointed star’s positioning as leader of technology, mobility and innovation

Shanghai, May 24, 2015 – For the first time ever, the International Consumer and Electronics show visited Asia in 2015. And it came to China, the world’s largest automotive market. For this occasion, OSK helped Mercedes-Benz to bring “the big guns” to demonstrate its untiring commitment to the advancement of automotive technology and innovation – including, as a highlight, the F015 Luxury in Motion research car.

The concept vehicle graced the stage of the Mercedes-Benz CES Asia Media Tec Day, fittingly-held at the impressive Shanghai Science and Technology museum. Almost 400 selected media, KOL, VIP, executives and expert guests were hosted in a one-day combined press conference, exhibition, workshop and test-drive event.

The Tec Day combined expert presentations featuring a wide spectrum of technical exhibits, state-of-the-art demonstrators including an Augmented Reality App, and even the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive simulator. Guests thus had the chance to experience the advanced safety, autonomous driving and assistance systems technologies first-hand in a virtual as well as in a live test-drive.

The media workshop was highlighted with a press conference which featured the drive-on of the F015 Luxury in Motion, and of course with the warm hospitality that followed.

Besides the conceptualization and realization of the event, OSK also was in charge for the media production including a shooting of the F015 Luxury in Motion concept car in the streets of Shanghai.