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Master of all terrain

2015, Chongqing – To achieve the communication goal, OSK uniquely highlighted the contrasting features of two models – the GLE SUV, a rugged off-roader with the versatility to conquer mountain and road alike, and the GLE Sport SUV, a smooth, flowing masterpiece of shape and form, dynamic and powerful like water. In the event, OSK perfectly created and executed the concept that both SUVs play equally essential but distinct roles, fitting in environments with diverse landscapes, reminiscent of Shan Chuan (山川) – two related yet distinct characters, inspired by the power and duality of the natural elements of mountain and river. For this, Chongqing was the perfect backdrop for the stage.

At the workshop, OSK provided an interactive and lively array of exhibitions, including several touchscreens, in order to demonstrate the features of the GLE SUV. At two theme parks, the test drive program offered a chance for media to experience the dynamic safety functions and assistant systems under unusual road conditions – one mountain road and one forest road.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the launch show was the launch performance – a breathtaking, interactive show that used both a vertical LED wall and a fully customizable LED floor that let guests experience how the GLE SUV truly masters all terrains, and all aspects in life.