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2019 Mercedes-Benz Guangzhou Auto Show

Towards a future of sustainable development

Guangzhou, November 22, 2019 – In 2019, OSK (Bejing) proved its competency by once again supporting Mercedes-Benz with its launch in the GZAS press conference.

For this event, OSK took the lead in concept creation, content development, performance production, video production, speech writing, architecture, graphic design, and onsite project management.

The press conference presented one world premiere model, two China premiere models, and nine market launch models.

The luxury lineups showed Mercedes-Benz’s profound commitment to the Chinese market and the sustainability strategy. Product information and development strategies were creatively and impressively conveyed to the public.

Before the event kicked off, a combination of zither and violin instrumentals created an atmosphere of majesty.

 The all-new DENZA X was officially launched at the Auto Show. The design concept of sensual purity and the driving pleasure of electric vehicles was presented through videos by adopting the widely appreciated DNA design and conveying the automobile manufacturing aesthetics of Mercedes-Benz’s progressive technologies.

Mr. Jan Madeja drove the all-new DENZA X onto the stage and gave a speech to express his confidence in the Chinses market and extend his gratitude to Chinese customers.

One of the highlights of the event was the new dynamic GLB video, which immediately sparked the atmosphere. The video emphasized the masculine exterior and versatility of GLB as a seven-seater. The bonus at the end of the video amused the audience. Afterward, Mr. Andy Zhang entered the stage and explained that Mercedes-Benz would continue to deepen its localization strategy and carry out its firm commitment to the Chinese market. 

 The Jiangu dancing performance pushed the press conference to the climax: with a tailor-made product video, the ultimate excellence design concept of Mercedes-Maybach GLS was interpreted to the full. The internal and external interpretation of “Li” to paid tribute to contemporary Xianda in China. Mr. Hubertus Troska explained in his speech that Mercedes-Maybach GLS would continue writing the success story of the Mercedes-Maybach brand and Mercedes-Benz SUV models.

A unique video of concept VISION EQS perfectly demonstrated the determination of Mercedes-Benz to establish a new era of sustainable luxury and the unforgettable beauty of large electric luxury SUV. Mr. Källenius made it clear that the most effective way to achieve balanced development between promoting mobility needs and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions lay in continuously evolving technologies and long-term innovations.

 The star was shining over the Pearl River, brightening the path towards the future. With dedicated efforts of OSK teams, the brand of the three-pointed star is now shining even brighter in Guangzhou.