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2019 Mercedes-Benz SUV Night

The Grand opening of The Year of SUV

Shanghai, April 15, 2019 – We look far into the distance, sailing towards the moon in a river blanketed in mist. 

With support from OSK, Mercedes-Benz had a successful launch of the SUV Night at Shanghai Expo CSSC Pavilion. Under the theme of “Journey,” the event featured a free cruise trip with the SUV.

The SUV Night constitutes a media conference and premiere of three SUVs. More than 500 guests attended the show, including local and international media, BAIC, and strategic dealer partners. The entire event was live-streamed. Supported by OSK, Mercedes-Benz not only showcased the powerful product portfolio but also enabled the guests to push the boundaries and embark on a free journey of life. 

The all-new GLE SUV evolved from inside-out in terms of premium comfort, intelligent technology, off-road performance, which has yet again established the standard in its segment. The all-new EQC electric SUV featured a brand new design aesthetics of “progressive luxury,” state-of-the-art technology, and defined electric mobility powered by new energy in its impressive debut. Thanks to its spaciousness and versatility, the concept of GLB, which was on its world premiere, created infinite possibilities of colorful life for urban young people. To better convey messages to the invited media and public, the story of embarking on a journey connected various parts of the event; from the mingling area and the overall architectural design of pier, to the concept and the performance idea. By doing so, the key message of Mercedes-Benz: The Year of SUV has been successfully communicated.

Mr. Nicholas Speeks kicked off the first chapter of the SUV journey by giving the welcome speech in which he addressed the market performance and popularity of SUV products in China in the past ten years. 

Accompanied by a creative dynamic dancing show and a powerful product video exhibiting the outstanding on-road handling and off-road performance, the all-new GLE entered the stage.

Mr. Ola Källenius came onto the stage with GLE and explained to the global trends, the current status of the SUV market, and the worldwide success of Mercedes-Benz’ SUV products to the guests.

In a harmonious confusion of electro music and classical symphony, supported by a majestic and emotional video reflecting innovation and heritage, the all-new EQC electric SUV made its glamorous debut.

Mr. Hubertus Troska suggested that China is the largest EV market in the world, and Daimler will continue the product offensive in the Chinese EV market.

Embedded in a modern city scenario created by an immersive video, Concept GLB vividly displayed its versatility in a variety of usage situations in the form of a cheerful romantic musical, which aimed to fulfill and exceed customer expectations and pushed the atmosphere to the climax.

Dr. Dieter Zetsche illustrated the global success story of NGCC models, talked about brand rejuvenation, the success of NGCC models in China, the importance of, and its commitment to China, which has drawn a perfect ending to the journey.

For another time, OSK succeeded in helping Mercedes-Benz launch world premiere: as always, in an ambitious, thoughtful way.

From event concept and content development, graphic design, and video production, to architecture and onsite coordination, OSK has always made a deep impression by dedicating to create unique events of its kind.