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Guangzhou Auto Show 2018

Press conference beyond expectations presented by OSK

Guangzhou, November 16, 2018 – OSK (Beijing) has yet again facilitated the success of the Mercedes-Benz press conference at Guangzhou Auto Show, displaying strengths of the brand.

OSK has taken the leading role in concept creation, content development, performance and video creation, speech writing, architecture, and graphic design as well as project management.

The show introduced a powerful lineup across the full model range, including the all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class L sedan, Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door coupe, and C-Class sedan. With OSK, product information was conveyed to the public creatively and memorably.

The show kicked off in a warm atmosphere created by an ancient Chinese string instrument performance. Besides that, media guests were greeted with a welcome video that featured iconic pictures of Guangzhou. 

One of the highlights of the show was a powerful and dynamic performance of AMG GT, which warmed the atmosphere. The performance was impressive because of the well-rehearsed, neat, and synchronized movements of the four dancers. The show was also seamlessly accompanied by a  video highlighting the product’s performance on track and road. Finally, AMG GT 4-door coupe came onto the stage, letting the high performance and efficiency of the model speak for itself.      

 The energetic and dynamic product video of the all-new A-Class L sedan demonstrated to the audience the essence of A-Class.

With a Broadway-themed video, accompanied by Jazz music and dance performance, C-Class brought the audience a groundbreaking feast of sight and sound.

Through the relentless endeavor, the team of OSK contributed to the success of the three-pointed star in Guangzhou for the second time.