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2019 Mercedes-Maybach GLS World Premiere

Guangzhou, November 21, 2019 – OSK (Beijing) assisted Mercedes-Benz in launching the Mercedes-Maybach GLS World Premiere in Guangzhou, opening a new chapter of Mercedes-Maybach brand.

Once again, OSK took the lead in every aspect of the event, from concept creation, content development, performance, video production, speech talking points writing, architecture, and graphic design to the onsite project management.

Based on the concept of “Li,” the chief virtue of Chinese traditional culture was intertwined with the ultimate excellence of the Mercedes-Maybach brand, which served to pay tribute to Xianda and interpret the time spirit of “respect.”

Inspired by nature, the outdoor mingling area was set up and decorated as an elegant Chinese pavilion. In the spirit of being a real gentleman, real vegetation such as bamboo, plum blossoms, orchids, and chrysanthemum were displayed in the mingling area to pay the highest respect to the noble character of Xianda. Graceful Chinese frames, together with ink paintings, styled the Maybach brand badges, which reflected the harmony and friendship between Mercedes-Maybach and Chinese Xianda.

The catering concept, inspired by the four flowers, featured sophisticated culinary techniques, aesthetic appearances, and extraordinary taste, paying utmost tribute to the sense organ of our palettes.

Entrance to the press conference area was through a water wall; a majestic feeling surrounded the elegant space: fog blanketed the seating area, and taking inspiration from Mercedes-Maybach, vertical grilles were designed to create an atmosphere of being at the peak of a mountain. With sounds from native Chinese instruments, guests were invited to witness the passing of four seasons and the sublime beauty of heaven and earth.

As the press conference reached its climax, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS revealed itself on stage. Accompanied by the sounds of Jiangu and chimes, the highlight paid tribute to contemporary Xianda by embracing the journey with excellence. Alongside Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Mercedes-Maybach GLS explained the meaning of the phrase “respect is the ultimate luxury,” and defined the Mercedes-Maybach brand.

The world premiere event had three chapters: chapter one was “the honor to welcome guests traveling from afar,” chapter two followed with “respect presented with the ultimate excellence,” and the final chapter was to “present the best with the best.”

The harmonious combination of zither and violin played in the melody of “high mountain and running water,” this not only reflects the integration of Chinese and Western culture but also interprets the appreciative friendship between the Mercedes-Maybach brand and Chinese Xianda.

The sound of pipa and cello brought the guests to a grand and new world as if they were in the midst of Heaven and Earth.  

The dance performance with chime and Jiangu contributed to a melodious but straightforward chapter of ritual music, with which Mercedes-Maybach GLS entered the stage. By encouraging the guests to embrace a journey with ultimate excellence, Mercedes-Maybach GLS demonstrated the highest respect to living beings in nature and the magnitude of heaven and earth and ultimately ended up reaching the highest level of respect, the harmony between nature and humanity.

Time flies and seasons alternate. OSK team took great efforts in helping the Maybach brand continue to write its legendary story, to exceed limitations, and sustain its top position in the automotive industry, and thus opening a new chapter of Mercedes-Maybach SUV.