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History in the making

All New E-Class long wheelbase World Premiere

Beijing, April 24, 2016 – With a guiding theme capturing the history-making posi­tive spirit and unyielding pursuit in the devel­op­ment and rise of modern China, the All New E-Class long wheel­base cele­brated its debut on the evening before the 2016 Beijing Auto Show. And with an espe­cially creative concep­tu­al­iza­tion, atten­tion to detail, and the tailor-made nature of every element of the event, the evening turned out to be truly unique.

Leaving a first lasting impres­sion, a stun­ning 70-meter long digital inter­ac­tive Chinese hand-scroll welcomed the guests at the Grand Theatre of the Beijing Tele­vi­sion Station skyscraper. Hand­scroll paint­ings were tradi­tion­ally used to show layered stories as they unfolded through time – providing a perfect connecting element for the project.

Along with the multi­media instal­la­tion, the specially-created food selec­tion that greeted the guests helped to reflect the overall archi­tec­ture and design concept – a modern, premium and sophis­ti­cated take on tradi­tional Chinese aesthetic.

The world-premiere show included a full orchestra playing live off of a completely orig­inal score, using refer­ences of well-known Chinese compo­si­tions, and twisting them into modern clas­sical versions that provided a stir­ring sound­track to the evening’s main show.

In a show of roughly 30-minutes, OSK brought to life an emotional spec­tacle with a distinctly modern Chinese touch, that told the story of the E-Class in China on the canvass of modern China’s rise.

For the world-premiere reveal moment, an animated and inter­ac­tive visu­al­iza­tion and corre­sponding perfor­mance culmi­nated when the all new E-Class L Sedan rose from below the stage. For the entire OSK team it was great fun to create this layered and content driven show, and to thor­oughly help to shape the fresh start of the All New E-Class in China.