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Mercedes-Benz EQ Technology Day

Electric now has a Mercedes!

June 11-12, 2019, Shanghai – OSK China marked its fifth consecutive time of running-up to the Mercedes-Benz Asia Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and successfully held the Mercedes-Benz EQ Technology Day at Mercedes-me Bund Experience Store.

The theme of this event is “Electric now has a Mercedes!”. OSK creatively built up a city with a “star” landmark and an EQ living space, which included a cloakroom, a living room, a kitchen, a playground, and a garage to show the strategic blueprint of Mercedes-Benz’s diversified exploration in the field of electric mobility under the strategy of “CASE” – EQ electric technology brand and its “three-pronged” comprehensive electrification technology route.

The event had more than 240 national and local media participants and included a media check-in, a leadership speech, themed seminars, and a game experience.

The check-in area on the porch of EQ living space had sustainable shopping bags prepared by OSK. Each bag contained water cups, crispers, and other reusable daily necessities, and had a variety of green snacks and drinks made from freshest ingredients so that guests can feel the sustainable development concept of the EQ brand as soon as they enter the door.

After visiting the cloakroom, kitchen, and garage and experiencing the “Thor” photo game in the EQ playground, the guests were finally seated in the meeting room one after another. Leaders of the Mercedes-Benz, or the “masters” of the living room, reviewed efforts made by Mercedes-Benz in the field of electric travel in the past 133 years through opening videos and brilliant speeches.  With a sense of history and technology, the arrival of a new era in the era of electric mobility was finally announced and officially opened the whole event.

The design, safety, intelligence, worry-free, and F-Cell symposiums, which were presented by five Daimler automotive experts, were distributed in the living room of EQ and four corners of Me Store, respectively. Original videos and cool AR augmented reality technology, together with experts’ vivid explanations, allow guests to have a more comprehensive and profound understanding of EQC and EQ brand.

The game segment of the event also brought Mercedes-Benz’s concept technology “5D Game Car” to the scene, the sense of future and technology attracted guests to a full experience and prompted them to take photos.

From conceptual planning, content, graphic, video, and architectural design to on-site communication and coordination, OSK has consistently ensured the accurate transmission of Mercedes-Benz’s “Electric now has a Mercedes!” signal to the media with high quality, professionalism, and efficiency. Once again, OSK was unanimously acknowledged by customers and the media.