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Stage big pictures

Capturing a picture that tells a story without words is the ultimate challenge in the communication business – in journalism and PR, in advertising, on TV, in newspapers, and in social media.

Written copy takes a little while to read, and a YouTube clip or podcast generally runs for more than three seconds, but a powerful image needs just a moment to tell its story. An iconic picture invades hearts and minds, is seldom forgotten, and reaches a huge audience through mass circulation.

In recent years, OSK has produced numerous iconic images. In 2002, the picture of the Maybach suspended from a helicopter against the Manhattan skyline, for example, told the story of a historic brand being reborn in the New World. And thirty-three dust-laden E-Class cars in the Taklamakan Desert bore testament to the enduring pioneering spirit in the 21st century of the inventor of the automobile. The Hoover Dam served as a monumental backdrop for the debut of the first driverless truck. In addition, many pictures taken at the premieres and press conferences we have staged at international trade shows – from the exhibition booth built on ice to the spectacular show Road to the Future – have taken their place in the collective memory of our industry.