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Design fascinating brand worlds

Successful communication appeals to all the senses. As early as the late 1990s, we became the first major German PR agency to venture into the third dimension – using brand spaces, portable exhibition venues, trade fair booths and live events as launch pads for our clients’ messages.

Delivering content that the audience can not only touch, but also experience with their other senses, ranks among the foremost and distinctive skills of OSK. These days, our immersive experiences are staged digitally as well and in virtual environments, which enables us to reach out to entirely new target groups. We use staging, design, engineering and motion to tell stories indoors, on the road, and on the internet.

Our studios in Cologne for design, film and architecture currently employ more than 30 scenographers, designers, architects, film makers, media designers and engineers. They are supported by our tech unit OSK ǀ Compuccino in Berlin, which develops tailor-made applications and innovative platforms for digital storytelling.

Collaboration in multidisciplinary teams gives rise to immersive experiences for our clients and their customers. Real and digital storytelling merge to spawn new ways of addressing the media, multipliers, specialty target groups and end consumers.

We have accumulated extensive experience of small, large and massive projects. At the turn of the millennium our forward-looking exhibition „Opel Millennium Express“, the first ever pan-European exhibition train, attracted more than 700,000 visitors in 12 countries. In addition, the Siemens exider became the first train to travel all the way around the world. And the modular brand venue exiderdome took ultra-modern technologies to major urban centers even without any railroad connections.