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2018 A-Class L Sedan World Premiere

Life is a collection of “A” moments

Beijing, April 24, 2018 – OSK helped Mercedes-Benz A-Class L Sedan make its world premiere in China, just one night before the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. The Benz A-class L Sedan was premiered as a car that provides a human-centric user experience with an onboard AI technology, and as a new premium that has never been attained in this class before.

Leverage the most trendy landmark area in Beijing, OSK set up the Orange at Sanlitun Taikooli South Plaza as the main venue, and Mercedes me store as the side venue to hold the world premiere event. In total, 450 guests, including consisting of local & international media, KOLs, dealer investors, internals, and guests to attend the event.

As the A-Sedan L was designed to offer a unique user experience for our customers. OSK offered the media and public to have an enjoyable moment with the car, and this was attained through experiential and immersive activities featuring product highlights and online and offline digital experiences, which included a photo and video booth, Wechat book, and live streaming. The activities embedded the customers’ lifestyles in the show by providing them touch and feel of the event.

To raise the attention to the public, OSK helped Mercedes-Benz to create eye-catchy visuals and display them on a pebble screen at the outdoor Me store, roof screen at Topwin plaza, LED screen at outdoor the Orange, etc. a few days before the event.

Starting from the mingling time at the welcome area in both Orange and Me store, OSK set the tone with an enjoyable atmosphere for customers to experience “A” moments. Activities such as the Wechat book creation, a photo booth, a candy bar, coffee printer were all very fun and attractive. A-Class landmark – a tailor-made “A” sculpture was just like a clipboard, which allowed for customizable designs with different choices of “A” words and emojis per block. There was an A-Class yoga booth, which enabled its customers to experience the spacious of the rear seat of the car; and a safari-like A-Class predator booth to highlight the exterior design of the vehicle. MBUX exhibit gives everyone a chance to try out the technology in a direct way.

The press conference starts uniquely; there were several highlights – the countdown video featuring voice over and AR navigation, it brings the audience into an immersive event. Actors hold boards with “A” words and perform throughout the press conference to create a young and dynamic feeling. Bringing together speeches, charts, videos, performances, the product to create a single show, engage the audience to show that the whole event truly is for everybody together.

The highlight performance at that night was a tailor-made song adjusted for Mercedes-Benz from the rainbow chorus – a group genuinely representative of the car’s customer base and their lifestyle as launch performers who gave the press conference a stage show ambiance and made the event into a big party for everybody. It was well-received by all of the audience.

OSK once again made the event one of a kind and impressed the audience with every detail.

From the concept to content, graphic and motion design, architecture and coordination, OSK made great efforts to contribute to this extraordinary and outstanding event.