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2017 Mercedes-Benz Power Media TecDay

China Power at Advanced Design Center

Beijing, December 11, 2017 – Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Center, OSK helped Mercedes-Benz in showcasing the design process in the R&D Center, allowing guests to be involved with designers’ daily work and listen to their behind-the-scenes stories. The comprehensive program includes three workshops; test drive, self-exploring activities, and a “thank you” dinner.

To reflect a natural design center environment and what designers’ daily working life looks like, the setup intended to create an immersive world, using the existing space and facility. OSK attractively decorated the Design Center to achieve an artsy atmosphere – vertical graphics setting to showcase the design process from the first stroke to the final sketch. There were materials, a toolkit, clay models, and illustrations displaying how an Advanced Design Center maintains the MB design philosophy in concert with local practices and adaptation.

Three executives/designers gave China insights speeches with three big LED screens at the back – the supporting charts provided an intense and immersive feeling for the guests.

The three workshops gave the guests a comprehensive experience of different parts of the design. The first workshop was an exterior design. Designers worked on the two clay models of E-Class vs. E-Class L and encouraged the guests to try as well, to offer a better experience – carve your very own car as a designer.

The second workshop, interior design workshop enhanced with natural feeling, leveraging leather station, wood station, and color station, the designers presented the materials. They told the story of how did they get inspired by nature and used in locally produced cars and the Chinese interpretation of luxury, in a very straightforward and easy to understand way.

The third workshop UI design impressed the guests with an intro video and a live demonstration, plus the in-car experiences in the viewing garden.

The Mercedes-Benz power media Tecday was a result of full team efforts in content and conceptualization, architecture, graphic and motion design, and coordination.